Yes, I agree that all the options should be documented, as you mentioned, we need it in many places.
For the server.xml, I am thinking that it should be the main direction for the tomcat container configuration in the future, IMHO.
As in the past versions, we find that  those wrapper GBeans become more and more complicated for. e.g. with the new Tomcat version,some new parameters are introduced, and it is required to add those attributes for existing GBeans. From another side, it is really not user-friendly to configure those things with GBean. e.g. While configuring cluster, users may need to add a long GBean configurations in the config.xml, which is error proven.

2012/2/29 Russell E Glaue <>
Do you think that var/catalina/server.xml should be the primary emphasis for managing the default web container?
I think all options should be documented, but that one can be first.

Geronimo can run multiple web containers, but those have to be configured via a GBean. So the virtual hosts would be configured similarly in these environments.

And when Geronimo is in a Farming environment, GBean deployment will be the requirement.

I believe a GBean option for all configurations should be documented when possible. Then Geronimo can be configured remotely.


On 02/28/2012 07:28 PM, Ivan wrote:
Thanks for updating this, I am wondering whether we would encourage the users to
use the server.xml to configure virtual host, although the gbean way still works

2012/2/29 Russell E Glaue < <>>

   I am going to start working on this document for G3.0


   In addition to updating what is there, I am going to add additional
   information on how to deploy a plan with the deployer to configure virtual

   Any comments/suggestions?

   I will use this plan, which I have verified works.
   <module xmlns="http://geronimo.apache.__org/xml/ns/deployment-1.2


   <gbean name="TomcatVirtualHost_1"
   <attribute name="initParams"> <>

   <reference name="Engine">