On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 2:50 PM, Yi Xiao <xiaoyijhondevelop@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi devs,

I notice the vote of Geronimo 2.1.8 is already passed, so I wonder if we could do the release of GEP2.1.8 now? if so, I am very glad to be the volunteer,  could somebody help me?

It's good we could have a GEP release for 2.1.8.

To make a community release, I think we need to do these things in order:
1. Open a wiki page to track
2. Clean up the jiras
3. Make the build
4. Do release stuff
5. Raise vote
6. Do announcement

In case there are some things only doable by committer, I can help.

Anyway, thank you for be volunteer!

Best regards!

                                                                                            John Xiao


Regards, Forrest