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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Bean Validation TCK version
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 18:20:41 GMT
Hi all; apologies for the cross-post.  For some time in the Apache
Bean Validation podling we intentionally lagged to the 1.0.3.GA
version of the Bean Validation TCK because it was our understanding
that this was the version included in the larger EE TCKs which
Geronimo, and now TomEE, must satisfy.  This became a real problem
with the release of version 1.0.5.GA of the TCK, which addressed a bug
in the original RI *and* TCK so severe that it is literally impossible
for a given codebase to satisfy the Bean Validation TCK >= 1.0.5.GA
and < 1.0.5.GA simultaneously.  After releasing bval-0.3-incubating,
we voted for forward progress and made our code compatible with the
1.0.5.GA TCK.  Recently I raised the issue on the Bean Validation
specification development list, and was informed by Emmanuel Bernard
that the Bean Validation TCK *has* in fact been updated in Java EE, to
version 1.0.6.GA, which our current trunk also passes. [1]  Now I'd
like to establish a comfort level among our communities that Geronimo
and TomEE will be able to use future releases of Apache Bean
Validation, for when we release 0.4-incubating (or perhaps 1.0, as a
TLP), your projects will not be able to upgrade the BV implementation
without also upgrading the corresponding TCK, or (as I am ignorant of
the procedures wrt the EE TCK) obtaining an updated version of the EE
TCK which in fact contains the updated BV TCK.

Thanks for your attention,


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