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From ranbaab <>
Subject Geronimo redeploy issue.
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 05:16:47 GMT

Our exploded web application is extracted in the deploy folder of geronimo
during the time of installation.
The application is install and launch the UI successfully.
After stopping the server, if I manually update any jsp or any file from the
deployed application, the server got hang after restart.
The geronimo.log does not give any clue, the server got hang at

2011-12-01 14:42:46,199 INFO  [DirectoryMonitor] At startup, found
/geronimo/deploy/ourApplication with deploy time 1322730003272 and file time
2011-12-01 14:42:50,423 INFO  [DirectoryHotDeployer] *Redeploying

And the console output is 

Listening on Ports:
    8009 Tomcat Connector AJP TomcatAJPConnector
    9999 JMX Remoting Connector
   40080 Tomcat Connector HTTP BIO TomcatWebConnector
   40099 RMI Naming
   40443 Tomcat Connector HTTPS BIO TomcatWebSSLConnector

  Started Application Modules:  
    WAR: ourapplication/xyz/application/war
    WAR: org.apache.geronimo.configs/remote-deploy-tomcat/2.2.1/car

  Web Applications:

Geronimo Application Server started
In geronimo-web.xml, version is not a numeric

I am wondering whether the time stamp change of the file is causing the

According to my knowledge, the hot deploy should take care this scenerio.

The geronimo server is stop by using kill -9 PID.

Even I download the source code and try to build it, but due to some issue,
I am not able to build it.

The application got stuck in the file method fileUpdated

 public String fileUpdated(File file, String configId) {"*Redeploying " + file.getName())*;
        DeploymentManager mgr = null;

I would really appreciate if some one throw some light about this issue.


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