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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept code donation from HypoBytes LTD
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 22:49:04 GMT
As you have seen in recent Jira updates and dev list discussions HypoBytes and Trygve Hardersen
have offered to contribute Geronimo 2.2 and GShell dependency updates and associated code
updates to the Geronimo project.

A CCLA has been submitted for the changes. As part of the IP Clearance process, we need to
hold a vote to accept these changes.

The two patch files to be considered are attached to

Specifically, the code updates are available here:
(MD5: bae04ca7df1b7351fa8ea18dd72f82b6) and
(MD5: f5d8762e9531a3e615f8caac22ea650e)

Once we have accepted the software contribution, there is an IP clearance vote needed on the
Incubator mailing list.

I don't think we necessarily need to discuss the technical details of this contribution, here.
If you have comments, it's probably best to start a discussion thread. Ultimately, the technical
specifics of the contributions will be best discussed as we are (or preparing to) commit the

With this vote, we should review the contributions for any irregularities or legal concerns
and record that the Geronimo project accepts these code contributions.

[  ] +1 Accept the code contributions from HypoBytes
[  ]  0 no opinion
[  ] -1 Do not accept the code contributions  (please explain why)

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