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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Decouple OpenWebBeans plugin from web container
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 14:53:20 GMT
I went ahead to commit the changes to trunk at rev.1196032. Think that we
may still consider more for webbeans integration in the future.

2011/10/29 Ivan <>

> Also, after the changes, OpenWebBeans plugin will dependent on OpenEJB
> plugin, and web application will not explicitly dependent on the
> OpenWebBeans plugin.
> Another problem is that, web application bundle still import OpenWebBeans
> packages, it is caused by some NamingBuilder, I have opened another JIRA to
> track this, and think that it should not a problem after more OSGi-friendly
> changes to Geronimo.
> 2011/10/29 Ivan <>
>> Hi, devs, in the last week, I am trying to decouple the OpenWebBeans from
>> web container, and would like to list some major change points, will
>> appreciate any comment.
>> Generally speaking, there are three points required to do :
>> 1. Remove the OpenWebBeans hard references from the Holder class in the
>> geronimo-j2ee module. The Holder class is used to create those managed
>> classes, like servlet, filter, etc. Now the solution is to introduce a
>> interceptor interface, like :
>> public static interface Interceptor {
>>         public void instancerCreated(InvocationContext context) throws
>> InterceptorException;
>>         public void instanceDestoryed(InvocationContext context) throws
>> InterceptorException;
>>         public void postConstructInvoked(InvocationContext context)
>> throws InterceptorException;
>> }
>> With this, other technology could register their own interceptors to the
>> Holder instance to populate the created instance.
>> 2. Thread aware WebBeansContext
>> The same solution with JSF plugin is used, now we keep a thread-aware web
>> application name. Considering to the GeronimoSingletonService is used
>> globally, I added an extra field below. While the getContext method is
>> invoked, it will firstly check whether there is WebBeansContext attached
>> with the current thread, then it will check whether there is one found
>> based on the web application name.
>> private SingletonService<WebBeansContext> webApplicationSingletonService;
>> 3. OpenWeBeans initialization
>> This is a tricky thing, in the past, we initialize it in the related
>> webAppContext, with that, it would make sure the WebBeansContext is
>> initialized before any managed instances are created, including the
>> ServletContextListener.
>> Now I created a WebModuleListener, which is internally used by Geronimo,
>> it is similar with the ServletContextListener, but this listener will be
>> called after the ServletContext is created and before any managed instances
>> are created.
>> A patch is attached the JIRA below, I have run some cases, including
>> parts of Java EE TCK cases and all the JCDI cases, the results looked fine.
>>  --
>> Ivan
> --
> Ivan


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