Vote result:

Vote passed with 7 "+1" from:
Forrest Xia,
Shawn Jiang,
Viola Lu,
Kevan Miller,
Han Hong Fang,
and me.

There is no 0 or -1.

Thanks all for the review. I will release xbean 3.8 soon.


2011/8/31 Rex Wang <>
Please vote for the geronimo xbean 3.8 release, which will be used in Geronimo 3.0-beta release

The components up for vote are:

Staging repo is here:

tag is here:

Vote open 72 hours

[ ] +1 release this
[ ] 0 don't care
[ ] -1 don't release this (please explain)

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT