On Sep 24, 2011, at 6:45 AM, Ivan wrote:

Hi, devs, 
    Think that most of work of Geronimo 3.0 beta is done, and we will not introduce some major changes, and seems that the only dependencies are some other third party components. Now we could go ahead to have an overview for Geronimo 3.0. and what features are most important in the 3.0.
    The items below is somewhat I would like to see, and appreciate any comment.
    a. Server runtime side :
        a1. Now, we have issues while the same packages with different versions exported, and in the deployment process, currently, a system property is introduced to identify whether the fixed import version scope is used, e.g. org.apache.***;version=[1.0,1.0] or org.apache.***;version=1.0. In the new OSGi 4.3, the new resolver hook API should be helpful for this.
        a2. Remove the dynamic import *, now we use it in two places, one is in the temp bundle in the deployment process, and another is car package.
        a3. Use application scoped configuration, I have mentioned it in the past, I really do not like so many system properties in the server codes, there is a JIRA GERONIMO-5813 for this. With this, server will have fine-grained configurations per module.
          a4.  Reconsider EAR support, I am thinking that we might still divide the EAR to n+1 bundles, although it is not required by the Java EE spec. In some current application programming, it seems to be a default mind. e.g. Recently, I just fixed an issue in MyFaces integration,
                 as it uses the classloader as the key for each web application.
      b. Web Service:
         b1. Improve Axis2 integration, now some parsing work is done each time while starting up the application, e.g. build the endpoint structure. It is better to have some metadata there, and actually, we have done this on web application, JSF integration etc.
         b2. Provide a portlet for the web service,  e.g. show web service information per application, generate client artifacts on the fly etc.
         b3. Better support  for ws-security, I remembered that we have done some initial integration for this in the past.
     c. Enable Jetty Assembly, most work should be on CXF side, I guess.
     d. Cluster/Farm related features
     e. ActiveMQ integration improvement, we should provide a simple way for the end users to configure the broker, and also add/remove brokers.
      f. WInk integration improvement,  e.g. GERONIMO-6122
    g. Take advantage of more OSGi 4.3 new features, I knew that we might use the new wiring API for calculating wired bundles.
    I knew that David is working on some OSGi-friendly changes, and introduce the Karaf features, some of the ideas above are required to consider those changes, anyway, just some ideas, thoughts ? :-)

What I would like for 3.0 is to get the work I've been doing to make the gbean framework more compatible with osgi into trunk and to use the tx manager in my sandbox.  As part of this I moved away from using xmlbeans for geronimo plans.

If we get this to work I'd like to make all the deployers into extenders: I already did this in the sandbox tm.  Generally I think the way to do this is to build an info tree (like we do for web and ejb apps) and set up the application from it.  For "precompiled" apps we can write these into the bundle, for plain bundles we can write these into the data area, and for new bundles just generate them.  Again the sandbox tm does this.

I think this would provide an architecturally satisfactory base on which to add functionality and also gradually replace gbeans with other styles of osgi services.

However I think this will be a lot of work and think if we all work on it we might get it done by the end of the year.

david jencks