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From Rex Wang <>
Subject Re: $GERONIMO_HOME/repository as a Maven repository
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 03:26:57 GMT
If user wants to use the snapshot artifacts in geronimo repo, could just
copy them to override the artifacts in his local maven repo work? If this is
not enough, I think set a hudson server in his local machine to build
geronimo every night to get the latest maven repo is the right thing to do.
Setting geronimo repo as the maven repo would contaminate the our artifacts
when user build his project, which might bring some difficulties to identify
the causes when help user analysis his problems. We definitely hope user
always has a "clean" server when he gets problems.

Anyway, as Forrest said, once there is a newer snapshot in public repo,
maven would first try download the latest one, unless user uses the -o


2011/9/21 Jarek Gawor <>

> Hi,
> I'm curious about using $GERONIMO_HOME/repository as remote Maven
> repository. We are not very religious (or at least we haven't been in
> the past) about publishing snapshots of Geronimo (and other related)
> code. So if somebody wants to build their own code against the same
> exact versions of the dependencies as their Geronimo binary (snapshot)
> uses that can be very difficult. So what about using
> $GERONIMO_HOME/repository directly as a Maven repository? Would that
> work (if we put the pom files in the repository/ dir? Especially for
> snapshot dependencies?
> Thanks,
> Jarek

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT

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