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From Russell E Glaue <>
Subject Re: Geronimo directory structure & permissions
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 20:44:10 GMT

I have been unable to locate a thread which we discussed about sharing
repositories. IIRC, there are (or were at some time) some components that wrote
back to the repository - and I am not thinking they are the applications.

Geronimo at one time was able to share repositories, probably in G2.1, but
currently I believe the only way to have more than one Geronimo instances that
do not collide with each other is for them to each have their own copy of a

With Rex's revision 1174575 (see GERONIMO-5987), I am able to startup multiple
instances of the trunk 3.0 tomcat7 javaee6 bundle starting with the snapshot
released today (it did not work for G3.0 trunk builds until today).

Otherwise, what you have listed for read-only vs. read-write is correct, but
with the addition of "repositories" as read-write. I have updated the related
wiki page to reflect this identification.


On 09/20/2011 12:55 PM, Jarek Gawor wrote:
> Hi,
> In Geronimo binary install which directories do we consider read-only
> vs. write/read? The idea is that the read-only directories could be
> shared among multiple installations to save some space and reduce
> maintenance.
> Here's what I identified so far:
> read-only:
>  - bin
>  - jsr88
>  - schema
>  - lib
> read/write:
>  - deploy
>  - hotbundles
>  - etc
>  - var
> The repository/ directory is a little weird because parts of it could
> be considered read-only and some write. I wonder if maybe we should
> have separate repository directories one for Geronimo bundles and
> another one for applications.
> Thanks,
> Jarek

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