Questions about the target of 3.0 final:
1. Is Java EE 6 full compliance still the goal of G 3.0 final release?
2. do we still want to maintain two assemblies both with java ee 6 compliant?

From the tck results, the jetty assembly is kind of far away from java ee 6 compliant.


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If we want the community to help us test the jetty assembly, do we release it too - somehow?

Yes, I think so.

Can we comment out the jetty assemblies for a release, as you said, then uncomment them and produce a "3.0 Beta" for the jetty assembly?

Is it appropriate to have a tomcat assembly in 3.0, but the jetty assemblies in 3.0-Beta?  I understand this potentially could be confusing. Is it necessary for the community to test a version that is not a daily-released snapshot? Or do we rely on the community testing the jetty assemblies only from the snapshot releases, for providing feedback?

As we currently maintain the source in a single source distribution, this would be awkward/difficult. It might be possible, but not desirable, IMO

Released versions make things much easier. "I'm running on M2 and I've got a problem" is much easier to deal with than "I have a problem on trunk". For the latter, the questions are when did you build? What dependencies are you using? etc, etc.

Releases give us something to talk about. They mark progress. They set expectations.  We're way overdue and I don't want to wait any longer... :)


I agree. In my other post in another part of this thread, I was saying we need to release 3.0 even with jetty assemblies not stable. This will give us something to ask the community to help us test and provide feedback on the jetty assemblies.

I for one will be one of those community testers.

The question I raised here is do we do one of the following in order to release a 3.0 final:
1. release a final 3.0 without jetty assemblies, and tell the community to test the jetty assemblies from the snapshots.
- You don't prefer this, and neither do I. But this thread was seeming to lead in this direction.
2. release a 3.0-beta with jetty assemblies, and then immediately release a final 3.0 without jetty assemblies.
- This seems confusing, but I felt better than option 1.

If we are fine with releasing a beta, and not a final, then neither of these options are necessary to consider.

And it would seem we are now going for a Beta release, which seems to be a good decision from my viewpoint.