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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Geronimo 3.0 Release
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 01:21:29 GMT
I would like to have a Geronimo (Tomcat) release only,
a. One side, it has been a long time for the 3.0 development, we really need
a release now. I searched the pom file, and find
xbean/openwebbeans/openejb/myfaces/yoko and some geronimo bundles, and for
myfaces and openwebbeans, I remember that they have plan to release soon
b. For jetty, we did not have enough testing on it, it might not suitable to
including it in the release.

2011/8/18 Kevan Miller <>

> All,
> Our Tomcat Java EE 6 assembly has been passing all of the relevant Java EE
> 6 TCK tests for a while now. IMO, it's time to start discussing release
> plans.
> I should note that the Jetty assembly is not, currently, passing all tests.
> We have multiple options:
> 1) Release a Geronimo 3.0 Beta, gain user feedback, and work towards a
> Geonimo 3.0 release
> 2) Release a Geronimo 3.0 release, gain user feedback, and work towards
> future 3.0.x releases
> 1) Release Tomcat, only
> 2) Release both Tomcat and Jetty, but only announce compliance of
> appropriate platforms
> There are a number of SNAPSHOT dependencies. A Beta release may give us a
> bit more flexibility in our handling of the release (e.g. we may locally
> release some of the dependencies).
> A full 3.0 release would mean we'll need to work with other projects to
> insure our SNAPSHOT dependencies are released (this will likely take
> additional time).
> I expect there are other options and other issues to be considered.
> Thoughts?
> --kevan


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