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From viola lu <>
Subject Question about TransactionManger replacement and initialization
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 03:00:40 GMT
If we would like use third-party TransactionManager such as Bitronix
TransactionManger  instead of geronimo default transaction manger
implementation, and  Hibernate as their persistence layer. It's better if
third-party TransactionManger can be initialized in Application context,

 But can we replace geronimo default transaction manger with a third-party
 on geronimo 2.1.5? I tried to create BitronixTransactionMangerGBean ,
BitronixTransactionSynchronizationRegistryGBean and change TransactionManger
gbean defintion in  transaction plugins plan.xml , but server failed to
start coz of  JCA ,system-database start failure, i think it's difficult to
replace geronimo transaction manager.

 or Bind the third-party TransactoinManger into our jndi tree with another
different name
(java:bintronixmanager,java:comp/env/BintronixUserTransaction, end-user can
lookup it in its application code, but when build PersitenceUnitGBean , its
reference TransactionManager  refers to TransactionManagerImpl (geronimo
default transaction manger).

 Is there other way to make this happen?  I

Appreciate your help!


Apache Geronimo

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