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From Yi Xiao <>
Subject Re: PortOffset for
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 01:25:48 GMT
Hi Russell,
If we start the server by "geronimo run", the karaf remote shell does not
turn on by default. we can modify the CONSOLE_OPTS in *geronimo.bat/.sh *to
enable the karaf remote shell.

I have a suggestion, maybe we could provide some commands to change the
karaf shell settings whenever the server is running or shutdown.

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:47 AM, Russell E Glaue <> wrote:

> How about this idea.
> Have the ability to turn the karaf SSH service on and off. And have it off
> by default. Then we do not have to worry about telling novice users what to
> do, and more expert users will figure it out only when they want that extra
> service.
> In the configuration file: /etc/**cfg
> Keep the "sshPort" attribute as it is.
> Add another attribute (e.g. "serviceStart") that has a true/false value.
> By default the "serviceStart" would be false.
> If a user wanted the SSH service, they would have to set the attribute to
> true. And if they wanted more than one instance, they would have to set the
> sshPort for each instance - as you discussed.
> Then, put in a JIRA issue to have the karaf "sshPort" attribute integrated
> into the "var/config-substitutions.**properties". Which can happen way
> down the road.
> And with this, this extra service can be used by more expert users who do
> not mind editing the configuration in multiple places. Novice users don't
> have to worry about it - so it won't be in the way to cause extra confusion.
> Also, having the SSH service off (false) should decrease the memory
> footprint (as opposed to when true) as that service should not start up.
> Having the SSH service on means the admin user additionally needs to secure
> that port on the server. So having that turned off by default also makes
> Geronimo more secure out of the box.
> -RG
> On 08/30/2011 11:28 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> Hi Rex,
>> I don't have a good idea how to do something like this in karaf. It would
>> have
>> to work through config admin since any service opening a socket should get
>> the
>> port from config admin (the shell does). So I think we would need some
>> kind of
>> config admin administration tool that would shift all the port values by
>> some
>> constant. I haven't looked into anything about how to implement something
>> like
>> this.
>> thanks
>> david jencks
>> On Aug 30, 2011, at 2:29 AM, Rex Wang wrote:
>>  Hi Devs
>>> I send this mail to only Geronimo mailing list because I hope we could
>>> discuss
>>> it first before we request this ability in karaf.
>>> Currently, in Geronimo 3.0, all the port/portoffset settings have been
>>> unified
>>> in config-substitutions.**properties like before, except the settings
>>> for
>>> can help user access our shell from remote through the
>>> port
>>> 8101. In Geronimo startup script, by setting
>>> CONSOLE_OPTS=-Dkaraf.**startLocalConsole=true *-Dkaraf.startRemoteShell=
>>> **true*,
>>> we can enable this feature. It retrieves the settings in
>>> /etc/**cfg from config admin service.
>>> However, it did not define the port offset value. If user wanna start 2
>>> server
>>> instances in one machine, he has to manually set the portoffset in
>>> config-substitutions and also modify the "sshPort" in the
>>> /etc/**cfg. Otherwise, the port 8101 will only
>>> work for
>>> the server instance that start later.
>>> The question is, if we want karaf add the ability to set the port offset,
>>> how
>>> do we hope them implement it? They indeed can simply add a setting in
>>> named "sshPortoffset" to do this. But our user
>>> still need change 2 places if they want to change the portoffset. Shall
>>> we
>>> persuade them to add the ability to load the settings from a
>>> location(i.e.
>>> var/config-substitutions.**properties for us) or there are better
>>> practices?
>>> David, IIRC, you ever mentioned you hope get rid of the
>>> config-substitutions
>>> in future geronimo. Then how to unify the portoffset settings, that is,
>>> changing in one place will make all components take the effect?
>>> Any insights?
>>> thanks,
>>> --
>>> Lei Wang (Rex)
>>> rwonly AT <>

Best regards!

               John Xiao

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