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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Geronimo 3.0 Release
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 05:57:37 GMT
I'm in favor of getting a 3.0 beta out.  If anyone has time and interest to look into how far
off jetty is that would be great, but I would prefer to get something out the door for tomcat
that works and then see if we can clean up the osgi integration any more for the actual 3.0

david jencks

On Aug 21, 2011, at 10:51 PM, Rex Wang wrote:

> I would like to ship a Geronimo 3.0 Beta, it is more flexible since we can make the dependencies
build by ourselves and make a release quickly. It is really long time of the Java EE 6  development
procedure, we need provide a release to the community and get the user/market response ASAP.
> -Rex
> 2011/8/18 Kevan Miller <>
> All,
> Our Tomcat Java EE 6 assembly has been passing all of the relevant Java EE 6 TCK tests
for a while now. IMO, it's time to start discussing release plans.
> I should note that the Jetty assembly is not, currently, passing all tests.
> We have multiple options:
> 1) Release a Geronimo 3.0 Beta, gain user feedback, and work towards a Geonimo 3.0 release
> 2) Release a Geronimo 3.0 release, gain user feedback, and work towards future 3.0.x
> 1) Release Tomcat, only
> 2) Release both Tomcat and Jetty, but only announce compliance of appropriate platforms
> There are a number of SNAPSHOT dependencies. A Beta release may give us a bit more flexibility
in our handling of the release (e.g. we may locally release some of the dependencies).
> A full 3.0 release would mean we'll need to work with other projects to insure our SNAPSHOT
dependencies are released (this will likely take additional time).
> I expect there are other options and other issues to be considered.
> Thoughts?
> --kevan
> -- 
> Lei Wang (Rex)
> rwonly AT

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