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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Question about TransactionManger replacement and initialization
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 06:38:51 GMT

On Aug 29, 2011, at 8:00 PM, viola lu wrote:

> If we would like use third-party TransactionManager such as Bitronix TransactionManger
 instead of geronimo default transaction manger implementation, and  Hibernate as their persistence
layer. It's better if third-party TransactionManger can be initialized in Application context,

>  But can we replace geronimo default transaction manger with a third-party  on geronimo
2.1.5? I tried to create BitronixTransactionMangerGBean , BitronixTransactionSynchronizationRegistryGBean
and change TransactionManger gbean defintion in  transaction plugins plan.xml , but server
failed to start coz of  JCA ,system-database start failure, i think it's difficult to replace
geronimo transaction manager. 

What's the error?

Do you care about transaction recovery?  IMO how recovery is initiated is not well specified
in the spec and I rather doubt other transaction managers do exactly as the geronimo one does.
 However with enough information on what the tm expects we should be able to get it to work.
 Ignoring recovery should make the problem simpler.
>  or Bind the third-party TransactoinManger into our jndi tree with another different
name (java:bintronixmanager,java:comp/env/BintronixUserTransaction, end-user can lookup it
in its application code, but when build PersitenceUnitGBean , its reference TransactionManager
 refers to TransactionManagerImpl (geronimo default transaction manger).

I don't recommend this.

david jencks

>  Is there other way to make this happen?  I
> Appreciate your help!
> -- 
> viola
> Apache Geronimo

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