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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: less-osgi-friendly code drop
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 05:10:01 GMT

On Jul 13, 2011, at 9:46 PM, David Blevins wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2011, at 12:54 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> testSpecializedBeanNotInstantiated(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.EnterpriseBeanSpecializationIntegrationTest)
>> testSpecializingBeanHasBindingsOfSpecializedAndSpecializingBean(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.EnterpriseBeanSpecializationTest)
>> testSpecializingBeanHasNameOfSpecializedBean(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.EnterpriseBeanSpecializationTest)
>> testSpecializingClassDirectlyExtendsNothing(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.broken.directlyExtendsNothing.DirectlyExtendsNothingTest)
>> testSpecializingClassDirectlyExtendsSimpleBean(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.broken.directlyExtendsSimpleBean.DirectlyExtendsSimpleBeanTest)
>> testSpecializingClassImplementsInterfaceAndExtendsNothing(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.broken.implementInterfaceAndExtendsNothing.ImplementsInterfaceAndExtendsNothingTest)
>> testSpecializingAndSpecializedBeanHasName(org.jboss.jsr299.tck.tests.inheritance.specialization.enterprise.broken.sameName.SameNameTest)
> Have all but 3 of these passing in the embedded container in my local copy.  The 3 that
fail are "broken" ones.  Simply need to add validation for those.  My impl code is a bit hacked
-- currently only works for @Stateful and not exactly implemented in the right spot -- but
otherwise looks like a good approach.  Will clean it up and check it in tomorrow.

Excellent!  On the geronimo side I've changed things around so that we have one openejb appInfo
tree for the entire application and use it to set up the owb context.  This _ought_ to fix
the problem in g. that I was seeing that the owb context didn't include any of the specialized
classes (since it was looking at only one of the modules in the ear).  However I'm still cleaning
up loose ends so apps will deploy ok :-)

david jencks

> -David

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