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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: buildup of files in var/cache
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 07:11:57 GMT
Hmm, the exception I mentioned seems also fixed with that entry, so the
problem is just when a new 3.7.1 could be released, or we might package a
customized equonix.

2011/7/27 Ivan <>

> Just find the it is caused by store manager, it did not remove the old
> managed files while it switches to a new one. Although there is a property
> could be used to clean up the temp file, it is required to restart the
> framework and there is an issue while the cache folder does not exist.
> After googled, there is already a bug opened for this
> And seems that this
> is a long known issue,  luckily, it is fixed recently, but it is not
> included in the equonix version used in Geronimo now. Also, there might be
> an issue if the cleanOnOpen property is configured without cache folder, I
> have replied on the issue, and hope that someone could check it.
> 2011/7/23 Ivan <>
>> I just did a simple check, and it seems that the bundles are correctly
>> removed after the target application is undeployed, at least on the
>> successful scenarios. The extra 2M size is caused by a .lazy.* file in the
>> cache folder. and that file should be related to the store manager. Will
>> check it further later ...
>> 2011/7/23 Kevan Miller <>
>>> On Jul 22, 2011, at 10:45 PM, Ivan wrote:
>>> > Suppose you mean the OSGi cache directory ? On the server runtime, the
>>> size of this directory should be almost have the same size with the
>>> repository folder, as all the files would be copied.
>>> Right. I'm not worried about relatively static content. I am worried
>>> about consuming more and more disk space and never freeing it...
>>> > For the 12 GB var/cache directory size, there should be a leak issue
>>> somewhere,
>>> There's definitely a leak. As mentioned, I see two megabytes leaked for
>>> every deploy/undeploy of a very simple JSP web app.
>>> > a. In the deployment process, the deployer will deploy a temp bundle in
>>> the cache for builder analysis, maybe it is not uninstalled correctly due to
>>> some exceptions.
>>> > b. In the undeployment process, Geronimo did not invoke uninstall for
>>> the undeployed application due to unknown reason ?
>>> > c. Some exported classes of the undeployed application are wired with
>>> other bundles, so the OSGi runtime will keep it there until the framework is
>>> restarted. Considering the current package generation mechanism, should not
>>> happen.
>>> > Think that if we could reproduce the issue, it should be easy to fix.
>>> Also, I am also thinking that there is no need to package the temp bundle,
>>> just use the target directory. which mentioned in another thread in the mail
>>> list.
>>> It's extremely easy to recreate. Choose and application and
>>> deploy/undeploy it a few times... 'du -h var/cache' or similar to monitor
>>> disk space between iterations...
>>> --kevan
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>> Ivan
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> Ivan


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