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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject project branding requirements
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 00:08:03 GMT
If anyone's willing to lend a hand on meeting our project branding requirements -- help would
be much appreciated. It's the PMCs responsibility to insure the requirements are met. But
anyone (contributor/committer/pmc member) can help us meet the requirements. As a reminder
-- provides a good overview of our requirements.

I've made a few updates to help us to meet more of the requirements. More eyes to review would
definitely be appreciated. Updates and contributions would be quite welcome... From the checklist:

1) Project Website Basics : homepage is (check)

2) Project Naming And Descriptions : use proper Apache forms, describe product, etc. (I made
some updates, today. Could use review)

3) Website Navigation Links : navbar links included, link to included (Check.
I've made a few updates today for better compliance).

4) Trademark Attributions : attribution for all ASF marks included in footers, etc. (I've
updated a template and appears to be working. Could stand for some better formatting. We'll
also need to review the whole site).

5) Logos and Graphics : include TM, use consistent product logo on your site (This will take
some work)

6) Project Metadata : DOAP file checkedin and up to date (I've made some updates and committed

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