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From Ivan <>
Subject How to switch between the RI SAAJ and Axis2 SAAJ ?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 13:17:06 GMT
    In Geronimo, we always ship two saaj implementation, and in the past, we
create wrapper implementations for those SPI, and configure them as system
property. In the traditional service search strategy path, the
configurations from system property have the highest priority. So we could
control which implementation will be used After we switches to OSGi, a
locator-registry solution is used for searching all the available service
providers. For SAAJ provider, now we have two providers. and it seems that
which one will be used is depending on which one is first registered in the
global registry.
    I am thinking two solutions for this, and I prefer the option b.
    a. Introduce the priority feature for the service providers, the
implementation could state its priority in the MANIFEST.MF file.
    b. Still take advantage of the system property, while the spec API
requires the implementation, if the system property is configured and the
implementation exists in the registry, use that one.
   Thoughts ? Thanks.

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