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From Russell E Glaue <>
Subject two-track build docs, old 2.1 info on GMOxDEV
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:22:44 GMT
We have two tracks for our build docs.

One is the GMOxDEV Building Apache Geronimo, which documents whatever is in trunk
Then we have the GMOxNN Building Geronimo with Maven, which documents whatever
is in version NN (e.g. GMOx22 for branches/2.2)

So this means we have a two-track build doc:
1. GMOxDEV Building Apache Geronimo
2. GMOx30 Building Geronimo with Maven

These both document how to build from trunk, which is currently G3.0.
Once we branch G3.0 the GMOx30 doc is going to leave and live its own life,
while the GMOxDEV doc will change to reflect the next version being built in trunk.

However, we should make sure that we keep these docs updated in parallel.

Furthermore, I have added references to the GMOx30 and GMOx22 build docs on the
GMOxDEV build doc page. And I put the info from the GMOx30 build doc in the
GMOxDEV build doc so they contain the same information now.

With the reference links added, hopefully users will figure out what they need
to do if there are differences because we update one and forget to update the other.

In the GMOxDEV build doc, I have moved non-trunk build information under a
version-specific identification. However, we may want to remove all non-trunk
information all together.

The only negative to this is that the GMOxDEV doc also contains build
information on G2.1. And there is no associated GMOx21 build doc.

Should we remove the G2.1 build information on the GMOxDEV doc?


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