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From Russell E Glaue <>
Subject ActiveMQ config-substitution change G2.2 vs G3.0
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 17:34:05 GMT
ActiveMQ is not utilizing the config-substitutions in G3.0
A patch was put in G2.2 do handle this, but the related code is removed in G3.0.
ActiveMQ is changed in the process of integrating blueprint. See GERONIMO-4475
for the G2.2 patches from Ivan.

Since the GeronimoPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer in G2.2 was to make ActiveMQ use
the config-substitution, and now is removed in G3.0, I do not see in the code
where the config-substitution is accounted for.

The GBean Class:
The GBean Configuration:
    <!-- Allows us to use system properties as variables in this configuration
         <property name="locations">


         <property name="systemPropertiesMode">

    <cm:property-placeholder id="property-placeholder"
persistent-id="blueprint-activemq-placeholder" placeholder-prefix="${"
placeholder-suffix="}" ignore-missing-locations="true">
            <cm:property name="activemq.brokerName" value="DefaultActiveMQBroker"/>
            <cm:property name="" value="var/activemq"/>
            <cm:property name="serverHostname" value="localhost"/>
            <cm:property name="activemq.port" value="61616"/>
            <cm:property name="portOffset" value="0"/>

As I mentioned in a previous thread on the user list, the
file:$(karaf.base)/etc/blueprint-activemq-placeholder.cfg is ignored. I tried to
change the ActiveMQ values there in
GERONIMO_HOME/etc/blueprint-activemq-placeholder.cfg, but ActiveMQ did not use
the new configuration I set.
(I am testing with G3.0-20110603-snapshot)

So the question is, what has to be done in G3.0-SNAPSHOT to make ActiveMQ apply
settings from the config-substitutions file?


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