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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: [Disscussion] Reference binded in JNDI is not dereferenced properly when lookup
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 04:13:14 GMT
>From the codes in DataSourceBuilder, the jndi reference is with prefix
aries:service, so there should be something like an ObjectFactory would take
care of it. I could see a service org\apache\aries\jndi\url\Activator.class
support this schema is registered in the activator, I simply compared that
Java file between 0.2 and 0.3 seems that some logic is changed, think this
should be a place to begin the debugging.
Hope it helps.

2011/4/14 Shenghao Fang <>

> Hi,
> When I did the enablement for the monitoring portlet, I lookup the
> datasource from JNDI and got an object of type javax.naming.Reference
> instead of javax.sql.DataSource.
> I debugged into JNDI related modules and found the following clues:
> 1. If the object to be bound is of type javax.naming.Referenceable,
> then the object of type javax.naming.Reference retrieved by
> Referenceable.getReference() will be bound. And the object should be
> dereferenced automatically when lookup.
> 2. When lookup from JNDI, javax.naming.spi.NamingManager tries to use
> the ObjectFactoryBuilder set to dereference. In current
> implementation, we set org.apache.aries.jndi.OSGiObjectFactoryBuilder
> to ObjectFactoryBuilder.
> 3. Since the datasource is not packaged as an OSGi bundle,
> OSGiObjectFactoryBuilder returns the Reference directly.
> I have no idea on how to fix this, any idea? Thanks.
> --
> Michael


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