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From "Swetta Bhaskar" <>
Subject Query database in Axis2
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 14:49:51 GMT
Hey Dev,


I am using Eclipse Galileo, apache tomcat 5.5, Axis2.


I have been looking everywhere and couldn't figure out.


1.       I want to fetch data from database(mysql).What is the best
approach(suggest).Please give me a sample if you have.

2.       I have used ArrayList for it so now the soap result I get:

Soap Request

0>  <soapenv:Envelope
xmlns:q0="http://sdsdd"    xmlns:xsd=""

0>  <           <soapenv:Body>

0>  <           <q0:res>

  <           <q0:group>application</q0:group> 



3. -
0>  <q0:res>

4.  <q0:group>application</q0:group> 

5.  </q0:res>

6.  </soapenv:Body>




1>  <soapenv:Envelope

1>  <soapenv:Body>

1>  <ns:resResponse xmlns:ns="http://sdsdd">


























In reponse Element is <ns:return> rather that it should be <id>,<name>,
etc. How do I do that. 

3. Just wanted to confirm that whatever is the return from a function is
what is generated in wsdl.

4.How can wsdl which is generated at run time be edited.


Appreciate your help. Thank you so much.



Swetta Bhaskar



From: Ivan [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 2:44 AM
Subject: Re: SOAPMessage.getSOAPHeaders() return null while no headers
in the soap envelope


Open a JIRA for this

2011/4/12 Andreas Veithen <>


Based on your description of the problem it is not possible to
determine if that should be considered an issue in Axiom, axis2-saaj
or axis2-jaxws. Please open a JIRA report and submit a test case that
allows to reproduce the issue so that we can determine where this
needs to be fixed.


On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 10:41, Ivan <> wrote:
> Seems that axiom optimize the serialization, if no sub header element
> exists, it will not output header element.
> --->
> if ((header != null) && (header.getFirstOMChild() != null)) {
>                     serializeInternally((OMNodeImpl) header, writer);
>                 }
> <---
> 2011/4/11 Ivan <>
>> Hi, I am running Axis2 on Geronimo 3.0, and in the latest JAX-WS TCK
>> testing, I got a NPE for some cases. The cause for it is that some
>> will check whether those elements are not in the SOAP headers, while
>> soap message has no header element.
>> From the Java doc of SOAPMessage, it writes :
>> getSOAPHeader
>> public SOAPHeader getSOAPHeader()
>>                          throws SOAPException
>> Gets the SOAP Header contained in this SOAPMessage object.
>> Returns: the SOAPHeader object contained by this SOAPMessage object
>> Throws: SOAPException - if the SOAP Header does not exist or cannot
>> retrieved Since: SAAJ 1.2
>> From the Java Doc of SOAPEnvelop, it wirtes:
>> getHeader
>> SOAPHeader getHeader()
>>                      throws SOAPException
>> Returns the SOAPHeader object for this SOAPEnvelope object.
>> A new SOAPMessage object is by default created with a SOAPEnvelope
>> that contains an empty SOAPHeader object. As a result, the method
>> will always return a SOAPHeader object unless the header has been
>> and a new one has not been added.
>> Returns: the SOAPHeader object or null if there is none Throws:
>> SOAPException - if there is a problem obtaining the SOAPHeader object
>> It seems that there is different behavior for
>> and SOAPEnvelop.getHeader(). and in current axis2-saaj
implementation, it
>> always returns null while no header element exists.
>> Personally, I thought it is an issue of saaj spec, it is not
>> to throw an exception while no header exists. Actually, I also test
>> with the ri saaj implementation, and it seems to have the same
behavior with
>> axis2-saaj.
>> Another possible solution is to add an empty header element for those
>> message if no header element exists, I could see it could be done in
>> SAAJConverter.
>> Thoughts ?
>> thanks.
>> --
>> Ivan
> --
> Ivan


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