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From David Jencks <>
Subject trying to version packages from the framework may not work well.
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 17:47:35 GMT
Working on my connector sandbox I've been trying to run stuff in pax-exam and in unmodified
karaf.  I ran into some rather hard to diagnose problems due to package versioning.

Our stax 1.2 api bundle includes the javax.xml.namespace package and it apparently matches
the same packages as implemented in java 5 and java 6.  We are exporting it at version 1.0
but pax-exam/pax-runner and karaf export it with no version (version  We've modified
our copy of karaf to export at version 1.0.  Trying to use our stax bundles and bundles compiled
against it (jaxb spec, jaxb impl, woodstox for example) cause mysterious CNFE and NCDFE inside
jaxb impl.

If I rebuild everything without this package version then I can run tests in pax-exam and
deploy stuff in regular karaf.  I think we should remove this package version.

I see that we also have versions for 

 javax.jws;version="2.0", \
 javax.jws.soap;version="2.0", \

and wonder if we will encounter similar problems with pax-exam and plain karaf with those

I think as a general policy that unless there's a compelling reason such as with javax.transaction,
until there is a spec defining package versions for stuff coming with java, we should not
version these packages.

I opened and I'm going to commit changes
to at least the affected bundles if not geronimo trunk.

david jencks

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