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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Generate the correct OSGi metadata for tranql rar module
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 04:56:19 GMT
I will add a workaround to add dynamic * for rar modules, so that we could
have our daily build work.

2011/2/14 Ivan <>

> Yeah, that is what I expect, although we might not have chance to deploy
> the rar file in the server, but it would be better if it is a bundle. I have
> not heard of the osgi jca spec ( I might need to refresh my knowledge:-) ),
> will check it if there is one.
> I am not sure whether removing the gbeans from our connector support would
> fix this issue, as those classes in the rar files do import driver classes
> from the jdbc driver and those classes are not imported in the deployed rar
> module, I might miss something, and look forward to your changes.
> Thanks.
> 2011/2/14 David Jencks <>
> Hi Ivan,
>> If I understand correctly you are suggesting that the rar file be a bundle
>> itself, with a bundle-classpath and appropriate package imports and exports?
>>  This seems like a good idea to me, but we should look at the in-progress
>> osgi jca spec and see if we can be compatible with this.  (I haven't looked
>> yet and don't know if there are public drafts available).  I've been looking
>> into how to remove gbeans from our connector support and this ought to fit
>> in well with that project.
>> thanks!
>> david jencks
>> On Feb 13, 2011, at 3:21 AM, Ivan wrote:
>> > While debugging the deployment problems for rar module, it is caused by
>> missing import packages from target JDBC drivers. With the new OSGi metadata
>> generation strategy, we will not add dynamic * by default. and from the
>> dependency tree, there is not jdbc driver artifact. For solving this, I saw
>> two solutions :
>> > a. Add the import packages from the embedded jar files if necessary, but
>> we also need to consider whether those import packages could be provided by
>> the rar themselves.
>> > b. The rar module itself should declare correct import packages, except
>> all the required packages could provided by itself. e.g. In the
>> tranql-connector-derby-embed-xa-1.6.rar file, those required derby packages
>> and javax.sql packages should be added.
>> >
>> > For me, the option b is a nature way, tranql should have a more
>> OSGi-friendly rar modules. Thoughts ?
>> >
>> > --
>> > Ivan
> --
> Ivan


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