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2010/12/30 han hongfang <>
Hi devs,

Please help to review and vote on the release of Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.2.1 RC2.

GEP 2.2.1 supports Geronimo server 2.2.1, 2.1.7 and Eclipse 3.6.

The source code zip is here:

The tag is here:

The deployable zip file is here:

The update site zip file is here:

If you would like to review and/or comment on the release notes, you can find it here:

Finally, I've created a Staging Site that can be used to test the update manager functions of  Eclipse (Halios or Galileo):
The vote will be open for the 72-hour minimum.
[  ] +1 about time to push this out the door
[  ]  0 no opinion
[  ] -1 not this one  (please explain why)

Best regards,

Han Hong Fang (Janet)
hanhongfang AT

Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT