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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Unable to build Geronimo from sources
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 14:01:13 GMT

On Jan 18, 2011, at 8:02 AM, jlmonteiro wrote:

> Hello guys,
> I followed the wiki page 
> Build
> Geronimo with Maven .
> mvn install -Dstage=bootstrap --> works
> mvn install -Dstage=assemble --> does not work
> First, I got a surefire problem, so I tried mvn install -Dstage=assemble
> -DskipTests but I still have an error.
> mvn clean install doesn't work too.
> Can you give me some hints/advices?

That doc could use some work. 

Are you building trunk or branches/3.0-M2?

The general technique for building geronimo would be:

  mvn clean install

In general, a "-Dstage=bootstrap", is only needed if certain Geronimo artifacts are not already
available from remote maven repositories (e.g. maven central or apache snapshot repo). "-Dstage=assembly"
is a shortcut for performing a partial build (bypassing some parts of our build). 

What is the problem you're running into? I built M2 yesterday, without a problem -- however
there are deployment issues related to the recent upgrade to Tomcat 7.0.6 -- it looks like
Ivan committed a work-around for this problem.


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