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From han hongfang <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.2.1 RC2
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 05:04:53 GMT

First of all, thank you for trying the patch on MacOS.

I don't see woodstox:wstx-asl:jar:3.2.1 in any pom of GEP 221. So I think it
is a transitive dependency. Missing of woodstox:wstx-asl:jar:3.2.1 leads to
the failure of collecting other dependencies such as
org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-kernel:jar:2.1.7 which are already in
maven central repo.

I tried applying my patch to a local copy of,
and then using "mvn clean install" to build GEP 221 with a empty local maven
repository. The build completed successfully. After build completion, I
see woodstox:wstx-asl:jar:3.2.1 in my local maven repository. So I think
maybe you encountered instable network connection or something like that
during the building. BTW, my environment is: Windows XP + SUN JDK1.6.0_20 +
maven 2.2.1.

A workaround is that you may download the jar here:,
and then using "mvn install:install-file" command to install it into you
local maven repo. After the installation, try to build GEP 221 again.

Best regards,

Han Hong Fang (Janet)
hanhongfang AT

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