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From Rex Wang <>
Subject [Discussion] Is there any possibility to ship a 0.2.1 application-obr-resolver to include the fix in ARIES-549?
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 06:39:32 GMT
Hi Aries devs,

Geronimo 3.0_M2 is on the way to release, which integrates the
0.2-incubating of Aries application.
However, the problem described in ARIES-549 seems a blocker because it is
raised by our users.
I know the releasing Aires 0.3 has resolved the same problem by redesign
that part of codes. But we have no time to re-do the integration jobs for
the upcoming Aries 0.3 since its API changed a lot.

Geronimo 3.0_M2 is an very important milestone that implements Java EE
webprofile specification, so I am searching if Aries community could
consider release a maintenance version of the application-obr-resolver
0.2-incubating as 0.2.1?


Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT

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