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From Johannes Weberhofer <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.2.1 RC2
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 22:11:32 GMT
Building on OSX (with your patch) fails with:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project org.apache.geronimo.runtime.v21: Could not resolve
dependencies for project org.apache.geronimo.devtools:org.apache.geronimo.runtime.v21:jar:2.2.1:
Failed to collect dependencies for [org.apache.geronimo.devtools:eclipse:pom:2.2.1 (compile),
org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-kernel:jar:2.1.7 (compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-deploy-jsr88:jar:2.1.7
(compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-common:jar:2.1.7 (compile), org.apache.geronimo.modules:geronimo-j2ee-schema:jar:2.1.7
(compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-system:jar:2.1.7 (compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-plugin:jar:2.1.7
(compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-deployment:jar:2.1.7 (compile), org.apache.geronimo.framework:geronimo-deploy-config:jar:2.1.7
(compile), org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-javaee-deployment_1.1MR3_spec:jar:1.0 (compile),
r:2.2.1 (compile), org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-archiver:jar:1.0-alpha-7 (compile)]: Failed
to read artifact descriptor for woodstox:wstx-asl:jar:3.2.1: Could not transfer artifact woodstox:wstx-asl:pom:3.2.1
from ( No connector available to access repository ( of type legacy using the available factories
WagonRepositoryConnectorFactory -> [Help 1]

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Am 05.01.11 06:53, schrieb han hongfang:
> I searched in JIRA system, and found that
(status is resolved) is opened but is only against trunk.
> I open another JIRA for the
build failure problem on Mac against both branch 21 and 22. Patch is also attached to correct
the package name. But I can not verify if branch v21/v22 can pass build now,  since I can
not find a Mac OS.
> Shall we go ahead without this fix in GEP221 since it doesn't impact GEP functions?
> --
> Best regards,
> Han Hong Fang (Janet)
> hanhongfang AT <>

Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna

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