On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 5:04 PM, Johannes Weberhofer <jweberhofer@weberhofer.at> wrote:
I have been using this configuration, which worked nicely for many geronimo versions now. The section /dojo/ has been added today.

       <Proxy balancer://g-backend>
               BalancerMember ajp://
       ProxyPass               /console/       balancer://g-backend/console/
       ProxyPassReverse        /console/       balancer://g-backend/console/
       ProxyPass               /dojo/          balancer://g-backend/dojo/
       ProxyPassReverse        /dojo/          balancer://g-backend/dojo/

This configuration works for me. I can access admin console via url http://localhost/console as normal.