Thanks Shawn.  That's really helpful.

I thought those .xsd.html files under /schema-2.1/docs/ directory were generated automatically, actually they're not.  Looks like Hernan or some other committers did the conversion using oXygen XML editor and then committed those files.

I also noticed that the copyright information on the bottom of each page is not correct, which should be copyright(C)2005-2010. 

Another thing I didn't figure out yet is that how those .xsd.html files were generated using the same template as other pages on Geronimo homesite, because those schema files are not from Confluence wiki thus the .html files can't be generated using the auto-export plugin. Does this means we have to update each page manually? If anyone could shed a light on me, that would be great.

Another thought is we don't generate .html pages for the schema files any more, we only provide the raw data for the users just like we did for 2.0 version. see

Any thoughts?

Jeff C

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 5:38 PM, Shawn Jiang <> wrote:
Just take a look at the source tree, [1] might be the place to add.


On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 5:35 PM, chi runhua <> wrote:
> Hi, looked like that the schema docs are not correct for Geronimo 2.2 on the
> Geronimo website,  because G2.2 schema docs[1] still link to G2.1 schema
> pages under a /schema-2.1/docs directory, see [2].  And the oXygen XML
> Editor do the real-time transforming to the .xsd files and publish the
> result files to Geronimo Website.
> [1].
> [2].
> IIUC, we might need to create a folder for each major release such as 2.*,
> 3.*, and then promote corresponding schema files into the folder, so that
> they could be converted and published by the oXygen tool successfully.  Does
> anyone know where and how to create the folder?
> Jeff C