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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: About source code and eclipse
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 21:07:36 GMT
Hi Michael,

I don't really know what GEP expects, however....

when you build geronimo with maven it just puts together and installs into your local maven
repo a lot of artifacts, including several server assemblies.  In order to get a usable server
you need to unpack one of them into a convenient location.  The assemblies that are likely
to be useful are all build under assemblies.  What I usually do is just unpack the one I'm
interested in right in the target folder,


cd assemblies/geronimo-jetty8-javaee6
tar xzf geronimo-jetty8-javaee6-3.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz

There is also a geronimo-maven-plugin that you can use to unpack assemblies, start the server,
deploy apps, etc.  We use this in a lot of integration tests mostly under testsuite.

hope this helps
david jencks

On Dec 29, 2010, at 12:50 PM, Michael Giannakopoulos wrote:

> Hello guys,
> I would like to ask a general question. I have downloaded the geronimo-3.0-M1 source
code. Also i have installed in eclipse the web tools and the geronimo plugin so as to be able
to create a new server project in eclipse... When i click New->Other->Project->Server
a window appears that asks me to choose a server. I choose Geronimo v3.0 Server and then i
click next button. Then the wizard asks for an Application Server Installation Directory which
i cannot find... I have done mvn clean install to the source files of geronimo-3.0-M1 but
i cannot find anywhere the Apache Geronimo v3.0 installation... Any thoughts??? I'm using
linux ubuntu 10.04... Thank you in advance!
> Giannakopoulos Michael  

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