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From andronat_asf <>
Subject About GERONIMO-5729 issue
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2010 23:13:55 GMT
Hello people!

I was working on the issue 5729 as mentioned in
. I found that RedirectByHashFilter could be modified by adding noxssShowTree=true to every
redirect, and solve the problem on the welcome screen and menu appearance. Any comment would
be totally useful 

I would also like to point out that I downloaded Geronimo ver. 3-M1. I managed to successfully
build it with maven eclipse:eclipse but when I tried to import the projects, some of them
had the same name which produced errors that wouldn't allow me to load all the projects. Is
this a bug or something normal? I am using Eclipse Helios and I have followed all the instructions
in the Geronimo wiki.

A question i have about the management of the whole geronimo project is how can i find  the
order the packets are executed. For example I am currently looking in console-portal-driver
project. How can i find the supper set of this? Or could you suggest me some tricks about
those matters? (management, etc..)

One last thing I want to ask is how I can build a working package of Geronimo from all those
small projects in eclipse ( like the one on the download page  ). Sorry if this question is
too trivial but it will be very enlightening for me.

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