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From Ivan <>
Subject Changes on DependencyManager
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 06:29:40 GMT
    Recently, I did some changes to the DependencyManager, now it will
record the bundle dependency relation according the geronimo-plugin.xml. it
somewhat likes the classloader hierarchy. I am not sure it is the right
place to keep this, maybe we could move it to the Configuration instance in
the future.
    The reason for this is that, in many scenrioes, it is required to add
all the resources found in the parent classlader, e.g. faces configuration
files. I am thinking that we might need a uniform way to handle this issue.
One possible way is that, use a bundle tracker to keep all the interested
url/parsed result when the bundle is resovled/started, then in the
deployment process, we could query the DependencyManager for all its
"parent" bundles, then found the interested resources in the bundle tracker.
    Also, DependencyManager also maintaines an export package list cache for
each bundle now.
    Thoughts ?


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