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From Shenghao Fang <>
Subject Re: About GERONIMO-5729 issue
Date Tue, 28 Dec 2010 03:23:59 GMT
Hi Andronat,

Answers for your questions:

1. Some projects in 'plugingroups' have the same names as the project under
'plugins'. Actually the projects in 'plugingroups' are only used for package
purpose, there are only pom files and no source codes. So there is no need
to import them into eclipse. I usually use 'mvn eclipse:clean' under
'plugingroups' to clean the generated project files before importing.

2. I'm not sure whether you meant the parent project. The parent project is
defined in the pom.xml under each project folder. I suggest reading some
references about Maven if you are interested in the mechanisms during build.

3. The working packages can be found in 'assemblies\[package name]\target'.

Please correct me if I made any mistake. Thanks.

2010/12/28 andronat_asf <>

> Hello people!
> I was working on the issue 5729 as mentioned in
> I found
that RedirectByHashFilter could be modified by adding
> noxssShowTree=true to every redirect, and solve the problem on the welcome
> screen and menu appearance. Any comment would be totally useful
> I would also like to point out that I downloaded Geronimo ver. 3-M1. I
> managed to successfully build it with maven eclipse:eclipse but when I tried
> to import the projects, some of them had the same name which produced errors
> that wouldn't allow me to load all the projects. Is this a bug or something
> normal? I am using Eclipse Helios and I have followed all the instructions
> in the Geronimo wiki.
> A question i have about the management of the whole geronimo project is how
> can i find  the order the packets are executed. For example I am currently
> looking in console-portal-driver project. How can i find the supper set of
> this? Or could you suggest me some tricks about those matters? (management,
> etc..)
> One last thing I want to ask is how I can build a working package of
> Geronimo from all those small projects in eclipse ( like the one on the
> download page  ). Sorry if this question is too trivial but it will be very
> enlightening for me.

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