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From Ivan <>
Subject How to add correct faces configuraiton files from the classloader hierarchy
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 02:21:52 GMT
   Now, we uses a bundle tracker to keep all the faces-config.xml file, and
add them all to the final faces configuraiton, which is not an expected
   I thought it for a while, and could see two solutions, they are all based
on *GERONIMO-5680 <>*
   a. Since we have accurate wired bundles, bundle classloader should still
work to search all the faces configuraiton files.
   b. Still use current bundle tracker, it will keeps a map between artifact
and pre-parsed facesConfig object instance, with dependency manager, we
should get all the dependency artifact.
   IMO, the option b is better, it will also promote the deployment time.
Thoughts ?

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