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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: ordering tck failures in geronimo
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 21:08:12 GMT

I agree with Jakob about faces-config merging and ordering algorithm should
not be exposed by MyFaces. Why is it not enough?. At this point it is not
clear the reasons. Note in this moment ordering and sorting algoritm it is
not being exposed by FacesConfigurationProvider interface.

Other different thing is FacesConfigurationProvider.getFacesConfigData().
The intention of this method is provide a way to get a Serializable object
that represents all config information required to initialize MyFaces and
allow container to store it temporally somewere. In this way it is possible
to deploy and undeploy an application more quickly, because if "nothing
changes"(no added dependencies, no update from faces-config.xml files or
classes) this information is always the same.

On MYFACES-2945 and previous discussions it was proposed two different

1. Add getFacesConfigData()
2. Add a set of methods to retrieve FacesConfig objects instead.

    public abstract FacesConfig getStandardFacesConfig(ExternalContext
    public abstract FacesConfig
getMetaInfServicesFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
    public abstract FacesConfig getAnnotationsFacesConfig(ExternalContext
ectx, boolean metadataComplete);
    public abstract List<FacesConfig>
getClassloaderFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
    public abstract List<FacesConfig>
getContextSpecifiedFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);
    public abstract FacesConfig getWebAppFacesConfig(ExternalContext ectx);

The first option has the advantage that it fill the initial requeriment
without add more complexity to the problem. The second one seems to be more
structured and opens the possibility to do other things like how override
MyFaces parsing for faces-config.xml files like it is being discussed. If
the container parse faces-config.xml files, with the previous methods it is
possible to prevent parse the same files twice.

My first intention, as is shown on MYFACES-2945 was that
FacesConfigurationProvider does not included getFacesConfigData(), because
it is possible to fill the initial objective with these methods, but finally
it was agreed the first option looks better, right?

Now I see that on MYFACES-2998 that fact is questioned:

JK>> Unfortunately it also provides a method that should combine all these
data: getFacesConfigData().
JK>> This method is here due to refactorings, but IMHO this is the last
place where it should be put,
JK>> because it gets "its own implementation" via its Factory and then calls
all of the above methods on
JK>> it. I know this was introduced to support wrapping the default impl,
but it really is very, very ugly.

In few words, why does it looks ugly? or with other words, what can we do to
make it cleaner? remove it? or just provide another SPI interface and put
that method there? In practice, getFacesConfigData() merges all FacesConfig
information, and "on the way" it does order applicationFacesConfig files
(the ones obtained from getClassloaderFacesConfig() and
getContextSpecifiedFacesConfig() ) . To do that it requires to call all six
methods from FacesConfigurationProvider, there is no other way, so I don't
see why do that is considered ugly.

At this moment we have the following courses of action:

1. Remove FacesConfigurationResource interface partially, because it is
still too inmature and let it for myfaces core 2.0.4.
2. Create another SPI interface for getFacesConfigData() (please suggest a
name for it, maybe FacesConfigurationMergerProvider?) and remove this method
form FacesConfigurationResource. Apply the patch on MYFACES-2998 seems to be
in this direction, but forget the reason why it is wanted to expose
getFacesConfigData() to the container.
3. Apply something like MYFACES-2998 patch, and refactor this one later in
myfaces core 2.0.4

Suggestions are welcome.


Leonardo Uribe

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