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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Logging service in it plan.xml files
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 14:44:54 GMT
I've started seeing if we can get a clean build on trunk using 
-Pall-subprojects, and I immediately hit a problem with the it 
subprojects under the geronimo-gbean-deployer config.  This is giving an 
error starting the config because it can't load 
org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.log4j.Log4jService.   The source of 
the errors appears to be this entry in the 

     <gbean name="Logger" class="org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.log4j.Log4jService">
         <attribute name="configFileName">var/log/</attribute>
         <attribute name="refreshPeriodSeconds">60</attribute>
         <reference name="ServerInfo">

I found similar entries to this in other plans that have been commented 
out and commenting this out makes the build error go away.  Changing 
this to

     <!-- Logging service -->
     <gbean  name="Logger"  class="org.apache.geronimo.system.logging.OSGILogServiceWrapper">
         <attribute  name="configFileName">var/log/</attribute>
         <attribute  name="refreshPeriodSeconds">60</attribute>

also gives a clean build.  What is the appropriate fix for this problem, 
just commenting this out or changing the service name?


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