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From raboyles <>
Subject Re: Geronimo twitter account
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 18:05:46 GMT

kevan wrote:
> I've created a project Twitter account --
> (Geronimo and ApacheGeronimo were taken)
It is possible to re-acquire accounts from cyber squatters and inactive
accounts. I have colleagues and friends who have been successful with doing
this. I have contacts at Twitter to pursue if you strongly prefer one of
these names such as @ApacheGeronimo.  

kevan wrote:
> Thoughts? I've somewhat optimistically labeled it as the "Official Twitter
> feed of the Apache Geronimo project". The account is currently registered
> under a private email address. Assuming we like the idea of having a
> project Twitter account, we can create a project email address, and share
> the Twitter/email password within the PMC -- allowing PMC members to Tweet
> "Geronimo" news, etc. Any suggestions on how to better manage this would
> be welcome...
I am very experienced with managing multiple twitter accounts and with
multiple twitter "users" for an account. I do not recommend sharing a single
email identity because there are tools where you can manage your personal
twitter account and participate as a team / group member on this account
with email workflow as an on-duty user, built-in search, archiving,
scheduling (very useful) etc. This can be done with a Twitter dashboard
website such as or I use Cotweet now to manage
multiple twitter accounts with teams for other work projects. One person can
be the admin or multiples and that person invites and grants rights. I am
happy to work with you on this as time permits and provide a demo if you are

kevan wrote:
> We may want some controls/guidelines in place about information that we
> should be tweeting. However, I don't expect too much of a problem. Most
> information will be mirroring news/blogs/releases that we'd be publishing
> via other mediums, anyway... Shortened urls should be created using
> Apache's URI shortening service -- . IMO, Geronimo
> tweets should be specific to the Geronimo project, though we may advertise
> ASF news, also...
A simple guideline is good. Good to include a communication plan to scope
responsibilities / provide responses during given periods. Some etiquette
references would be helpful also. 

Are there analytics provided by the Apache URL shortener? Do you have sample
data to share?

-- ryan

ryan boyles, ibm software
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