If I did not miss anything, think we might need to have a way to register third-party faces-config.xml to myfaces, like what we do for tld.

2010/11/2 Ivan <xhhsld@gmail.com>
If the reason is that the faces-config.xml file is in the webbeans-jsf.jar, it should not work in the past, as MyFaces seems have no chance to read it in the OSGI environment, except for the jar file is in the WEB-INF/lib folder. The current done JSF integration changes were to use MyFaces SPI to configure application resources and annotations.

2010/11/2 David Jencks <david_jencks@yahoo.com>

The jetty and tomcat owb integrations now have about the same 23 or 24 failures.  22 of them appear to be because a jsf phase listener isn't getting installed in myfaces whereas I think it was a few days ago when I had no tomcat failures.

The faces-config.xml is in the webbeans-jsf jar.

I haven't reviewed the recent myfaces integration changes yet.... is it plausible that they could have caused this problem?  Is there something we need to do to explicitly register our interest in having this faces-config file processed?

david jencks