Thanks Rex and Ivan!

My build runs successfully on linux now only change is I have to disable the test DemandForwardingBridgeTest. I have applied the patch as suggested in readme.txt 4.1.2-G20100308.README.TXT and build runs successfully now. I have used sun java 1.5.0_13 and maven 2.0.9. Now I am will apply the patch on GERONIMO-5700 and will post my results.


On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:45 PM, Ivan <> wrote:
Those cases failed intermittently,  guess there is a time slot somewhere. I will suggest to go ahead to apply the patch in GERONIMO-5700, and try it with a full TCK first.

2010/11/19 Rex Wang <>

I encountered the same problem when only built activemq-4.1.2 tag (without any of our patches).

I think we can comment our the test from the build (activemq-4.1.2 had already commented out a lot of its tests...)


2010/11/18 Ashish Jain <>

I am working on GERONIMO-5700 which requires to add new patches to geronimo custom activemq-core.
Somehow I am not able to build this following the instructions in "" 2.1\repository\org\apache\activemq\4.1.2-G20100308.README.TXT"".

Till now I have NOT applied any new patches and using the original ones as listed in 4.1.2-G20100308.README.TXT. I have tried
in Windows Xp SP3 and RHEL5 with a mix of Sun java5 and Sun java6. I do not have access to MACOS so donno if the
build runs successfully in that.


Lei Wang (Rex)
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