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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: wired-bundle cache problem in the BundleClassLoader
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 01:14:52 GMT
I just checked the codes of Felix, it seems possible to get the current
wired info, at least the number, with that it should be able to used for
determine wether the cached wired bundles need to be refreshed. So how about
create some adapters for each vendor (Felix, Equonix, etc.) ?
Just feel curious that why package admin service does not provide the
function to get import bundles of the target bundles ...
Comments ?

2010/11/3 Ivan <>

> Hi,
>     While looking at the left JSF TCK fail cases, I found that the wired
> bundle cache in the BundleClassLoader causes some problems. The scenario is
> that the MyFaces codes look up a resource file by classloader.getResource,
> it always fails on the first deployment, but after restarting the
> application, it finds it. Finally, I added a breakpoint in the
> BundleClassLoader, and find it is caused by old wired bundle cache. Anyone
> has a good solution for it ?
> --
> Ivan


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