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From Ted Kirby <>
Subject Suggestions for improving new G and GEP user experiences
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 12:19:59 GMT
I have recently returned to community activity after a period of
inactivity.  I have played with some of the introductory material, and
things have not gone that well. :-(  I think G and GEP 3.0 have very
exciting content: JEE 6 and OSGi, and we are on track to be "early to
market" with our certified server.  I think we want to attract new
users, and we want to be ready and attractive and easy to use when
they come.  To that end, I offer these suggestions and feedback:

1. Geronimo v3.0, or at least v3.0-M1, should be listed on the main
page Documentation link
 v3.0 is on the wiki page:

2. I think we should have a "Getting Started" or "Quick Start" link on
the home page for folks to download and start running Geronimo
quickly.  This page in the doc seems good:
 (This page comes up first on the documentation, so maybe item 3 would
address this.)

3. I don't think a version should be released unless the "Quick Start"
actually works.  If this is the entry point for new users, it should
work for each release.  For 3.0-M1, there are two JIRAs on this:
GERONIMO-5488 and GERONIMO-5658.

4. Ditto for GEP.
is pretty good, but there is no mention of 3.0-M1.  3.0 is an exciting
release for JEE 6 and OSGi.  Folks want to play with the technology.
We should help them get started.

5. The "1-minute Hello World Web Application Tutorial"
for GEP does not work for 3.0-M1.   There is a deploy problem, and a
missing message problem.  I think both the 1-minute and 5-minute
tutorial are part of the testsuite, and hence these errors should have
been caught if the testsuite were run.  I recommend adding these
tutorials to the testsuite if they are not there.  Again, before a GEP
version is released, someone should verify these tutorials work.

6. No GEP version should be released unless the testsuite passes.

7. News items on the main page should have
dates.  Currently, 1 of 5 does.  When was 3.0-M1 released?  It takes
two clicks to find out.  I think dates on the download page (the first click) would be

8. There are no news items for the two recent GEP releases: 2.1.6 and
3.0-M1.  I think all G and GEP releases should have news items,
including dates.

I think these suggestions will improve our product.


Ted Kirby

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