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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Build problem in server trunk.
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 16:20:15 GMT
I was having problems building trunk this morning, and it looks like the 
root cause of the problem is a javassist version mismatch.  The 
openwebbeans project is using the javassist 3.12.0.GA version to build 
and Geronimo is using the Servicemix bundlized 3.7.GA version.  The 
build failure was a ClassNotFoundException attempting to load one of the 
javassist utility classes that is not included in the 3.7.GA version.  I 
did a quick experiment and created a 3.12.0.GA version of the servicemix 
bundle, and the build problem went away.

Unfortunately, the servicemix project does not have a 3.12.0.GA version 
of this bundle yet.  I've pinged the servicemix dev list about getting a 
new version, but I'd not seen a reply.  I'm thinking that we might want 
to create a Geronimo hosted bundle of this release and get a snapshot 
deployed.  That way, the Geronimo build can pick up the snapshot until 
the question of where this is hosted gets resolved.  At least that way, 
we'll still be able to build.  Does this seem like a reasonable plan?


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