The ValidatorFactoryGBean uses Bundle.getEntry() to get to META-INF/validation.xml and WEB-INF/validation.xml files in EJB and Web archives.  This works fine for standalone modules.  When the JAR or WAR is packaged in an EAR file, Bundle.getEntry("<war-modulename>.war/WEB-INF/validation.xml") gets me to the file as WAR file is exploded and repackaged in the EAR whereas Bundle.getEntry("<ejb-modulename>.jar/META-INF/validation.xml") does not work since the EJB jar is stored as is in the EAR.  One option I can think of is to get the EJB jar entry, store it to a temporary file, open it with Jar APIs to get to "META-INF/validation.xml".

 my-ejb.jar (EJB jar is stored as is)
       +-- validation.xml
 +--my-web.war (WAR file is exploded, so WEB-INF is a directory in the repackaged EAR)
         +-- validation.xml

 Is there any Bundle API that will allow to access the content in the nested archives? Or any other way to get to the file of interest without creating temporary files?