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From Ivan <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to make those xml digest class serializable ?
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 06:56:42 GMT
Yes, I moved this thread to the dev mail list.
Those classes I mention are in the package
org.apache.myfaces.config.impl.digester.elements, e.g. FacesConfig. From the
source codes, it seems that they just hold some collection variables. I
think that adding the serializable interface should not break the spec
rules. If I missed anythings, please help to figure out.
I found that MyFaces does provide some SPI classes, like AnnotationProvider,
but I might need more. I hope to scan the annotation and combine all the
configuration resources in the deployment process of Geronimo, and finally I
got a object instance FacesConfig. While the applicaation starts, I just
need to deserialize the instance.

2010/10/18 Werner Punz <>

> Am 17.10.10 16:11, schrieb Ivan:
>  Hi,
>>    I am looking at the integration work between myfaces and Geronimo, I am
>> thinking that is it possible to make those xml digest class serializable,
>> like FacesConfig, etc. So that, MyFaces could just scan annotation and
>> sort
>> configuration files once, and de-serialize those classes on each startup.
>> Seems that only adding the serializable interface is enough.
>>    Thanks.
> Hi I think since this is integration work between myfaces and geronimo that
> it might be good to also post that in the developers list of myfaces.
> You might also raise a ticket for this issue.
> The main issue is simply that in the interface and API section we are bound
> by what the spec allows in the implementatiom section we can do mostly
> whatever we want as long as it does not break the API.
> Werner


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