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From Rex Wang <>
Subject [Discussion] Geronimo 2.1.7 Release
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 05:21:04 GMT
Hi Devs,

I am preparing the Geronimo 2.1.7 release, and have some issues need your

In this release, we upgrade several components, such as:

   - geronimo-javamail_1.4_mail      1.7 -> 1.8.2
   - txmanager     1.4 -> 2.2
   - tomcat     6.0.26 - > 6.0.29

Besides, I found *OpenEJB *was upgraded to 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT.
To *David B,*  does OpenEJB community have any plan to release 3.0.3?

I went through all the JIRAs agaisnt 2.1.7, and try my best to clean the
However, there still are 3 major ones opened:
To *Ashish*, what's the status of the following two problems in tomcat
community?  I think it is not a MUST fix issue for G 2.1.7, Right?

   - *GERONIMO-5196*    Add a own authenticator for Spnego login
   - *GERONIMO-5197*    Generic Header based authentication support in

To *Ashish/**Amit*, I see this seems an improvement? Is this a MUST fix
issue for G2.1.7? If so, we have to persuade TranQL to make a new release

   - *GERONIMO-5591 *   Removing the least used and oldest statements from
   prepared statement cache

Well, I made up a status page in our confluence here, so you can check out
the details there:


Lei Wang (Rex)
rwonly AT

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