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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject What should be made available via Geronimo dist?
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:24:01 GMT
  A question came up recently in this Jira

about what should be available for download from the Geronimo dist 
site.  Currently, only the server releases are available for download.  
All of the rest of the components released by the project are only 
available from the maven central repository.  The Apache rules seem to 
suggest that is not correct practice.  It is certainly a discussion that 
needs to take place.

There are some fairly obvious questions that would need to be decided to 
implement putting additional components on dist:

1)  What should be included?  A good starting list from the svn tree 
would include subprojects released from


The external subproject might be a candidate too, but these are really 
only used in Geronimo releases, so I suspect we might not want to put 
them on dist.  genesis, gshell, and samples might also be candidates.

2)  How should dist be organized?  Currently, the directory has a subdir 
for each server release and a subdir for eclipse releases.  I suspect we 
might want to create a subdir for server releases to organize things a 
little better.  For the other components, we might want to consider 
mimicing the maven repository organization, although we could drop the 
org/apache levels of the tree since those are shared by other 

3)  Should existing downloads be reorganized into this new structure?  
It might be difficult to locate all links to these downloads, so we 
might not want to move any existing components.

4)  Should the downloads be seeded with all existing releases or only 
new releases be added?

5)  How should the download pages be organized?

6)  Can any of this process be automated?  There are a lot of details 
involved with releasing things.  The more we can automate, the better.


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